Next Home Buying and Selling

Ready for your next big move? Welcome to home buying and selling made stress-free with help from the REVO team.

Time for your next big move? You got this.

Hey, buying your first time is kind of stressful, but when you’re buying and selling your next home, that’s when it gets even more complicated.  So many appointments, so much paperwork and, egad, the cleaning!

That’s why we have a process.  A simple plan where you always know what steps are coming next and we do as much of the heavy lifting for you as we possibly can.

So, let’s do this thing. Together.

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Next Home Buying and Selling FAQs & Action Plan:

What’s the fee structure when I’m both buying AND selling?

When you’re buying and selling, you’re looking at realtor fees, HST, legal fees, mover fees, bridge financing fees, discharge fees, property tax adjustment and any utility hookup fees or deposits on your new place.

How can I calculate how much I have in total down payment?

Our team will work with you to look at the total equity you’ll have from the projected proceeds of your sale, then help you back out your fees and land on a smart number to use for your down payment calculations.

Do I need to buy first or sell first?

This is something that will be determined by so many factors and totally dependent on your needs and goals.  We’ll help you plan, along with your realtor of course, but the bottom line is that there are no hard, fast rules for the best way to handle this.

Do my sale and purchase need to close on the same day?  That sounds hectic!

No. There are plenty of reasons for not closing both deals on the same day, and we’re able to help you with bridge financing to make sure you’re covered for that situation.  If you think it’s too stressful to do it all in one day, or even if you want to make sure all your renos are done before move-in day, we can make that happen together.

What’s the minimum down-payment on a next home purchase?

Minimum down payment rules apply to every home purchase.

The current down payment rules are: 5% of the first $500,000 and 10% of any amount above that.

Do I keep the same mortgage lender as we used for my last deal?

Sure, we can do that, but let’s make sure there’s a compelling reason for us to do that.  Let’s make sure that this mortgage is the best possible fit for your transaction as well as your longer-term life goals.

What do ‘porting’ and ‘blending’ mean?

Porting refers to moving your current mortgage, as is (e.g. all terms, amounts, rate) over and securing it against your new property.  We’ll check and see if that’s an option and make sure if it is an option, that it’s a good option.

Blending is when we’re able to port over your mortgage to the new property, as above, but add in the additional principal amount from buying the new property and adjusting payments (and possibly term) based on the new amount.  Again, let’s see what’s best for you first.


We’re here to help and ready when you are.