Custom Home Financing

The loan you need to build the home you’ve dreamt of.

You’re busy making your dreams come true – let us build you a construction mortgage.

Bringing your dream home from imagination to drawings on paper, and finally to move in day takes a lot of planning and a lot of your time.  It can be even more complex if you’ve never had a construction mortgage before.

The REVO team is at your service – we take care of all the finance elements of your build so you can focus on making that dream home come to life.

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Construction Mortgage & Custom Home Financing FAQs & Action Plan:

What is a construction mortgage or builder’s mortgage? How does custom home financing work?

They are the same thing.  Think of it as a mortgage that works the same as time-release medicine.  You pre-arrange the mortgage, but instead of a seller receiving all the funding for the deal at once, as with a conventional mortgage, you are able to pull funds from the mortgage at different stages over the time of the build.  The timing is usually based on completion of agreed-upon phases; of course, our team is here to help you arrange all of this with your builder.

If you own the land where the home is to be built, you can access equity from the land value to help kickstart your project.  If you need to buy the land first, then the first advance from the mortgage can be applied to the land purchase.

Are there different types of construction mortgages or custom home financing options?

Absolutely – we know that part of the dream might be building your home with your own two hands, for example.  Or you might dream of owning a home built by a particular builder whose work you’ve admired.  Here are the three custom home financing scenarios:

Build It Yourself – In the case where you are either doing all of the work yourself or, at minimum, you are the lead contractor on the project, the construction mortgage is the same as in the next scenario below.

Built By a Contractor, You Fund – You’re using a registered, certified builder but the project is 100% financed by your money. In this case, you’ll need a completion mortgage or progress draw mortgage, depending on your arrangements with the builder and/or lender.  Our team will help you with the best fit.

Built By a Contractor, They Fund – Here’s where you’re going to use a completion mortgage.  The builder self-funds all the work up to the point of delivery at which point the project is funded in full by the lender. This arrangement is very close to a traditional mortgage, but with a few elements unique to arranging a custom build. Again, our team is here to help you work it out.

What documentation do I need for a construction mortgage/builders mortgage?

It’s pretty much the same as what you would need for a conventional mortgage, along with all the documentation you need to get your build permitted, such as copies of land titles, plans, your build contract and, toward completion, an appraisal.


We’re here to help and ready when you are.