Debt Consolidation

It’s your money. Let us help you reorganize your credit and take control of your cash flow.

It’s your money and it’s your life.

Life is demanding and life is exciting.  Life also sometimes presents us with little

“surprises” along the way that unexpectedly use up our time and our money.  But ultimately, your life is yours.

If you’re servicing so much debt that you’re starting to feel stressed overwhelmed, we get that.  Maybe it was a series of mistakes you made, or maybe you had something unexpected that put you in this position, but now you’re there.  We get that too, and either way – we understand and we’re here to help.

A consolidation loan or mortgage consolidation helps you regain control of your life and your cash flow in very real, specific and measurable ways:

Lower your interest rates – Consolidating your debts into a lower interest loan means less of your available cash is going to interest payments and more of it is going toward creating freedom in your life.

Simplify your finances – You don’t need more things to keep track of; none of us do.  Having one automated payment to cover all your debts lets you focus more on the things that matter most in your life.

Debt relief = stress relief – Nobody wants to feel like their life is out of control, but if you’re overcommitted to a bunch of different debts, you can quickly start to feel stressed and out of control.  We can help you get that control back and stop worrying.

If you need a little help, you are not alone.  Trust us – we’ve been there.

Take control of your cash flow and take back your freedom.

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Debt Consolidation FAQs & Action Plan:

How does Debt Consolidation work?

Your Debt Consolidation or Consolidation Mortgage loan works to relieve stress by simplifying your finances and improving your cash flow.

The loan wipes out all your other outstanding loans, especially those high-interest cards, and gives you one simplified, automated payment at a greatly reduced interest rate.  Your monthly outlay for payments will be greatly reduced, right along with your stress load.

When my other debts are paid in full, will my cards be cancelled?

You will not need to cancel your cards, though we do recommend leaving at least some of them open to continue building your credit record.  Our team will have a look at your specific case and help you make the best plan.

Does using Debt Consolidation improve my credit score?

It does! When you are exceeding 50% of your maximum available credit, it starts to negatively impact your credit score and the higher you are leveraged, the greater the effect. 

Consolidation credit wipes those outstanding balances down to zero, and your score improves the longer you leave the balances at zero, or very low.

Do all my debts have to be paid off with a Debt Consolidation loan or mortgage?

No, in fact in some instances it doesn’t make sense, such as if you have a car loan at 0% interest.

Our team will recommend the best plan, based on your specific situation.

Can I access extra cash above and beyond the debts I’m paying off?

Sure you can.  You can access as much as you qualify for and you can do whatever you want with it because it’s your money.  Our team will work with you to suggest some good ways to use the funds, but here are a few we think are extra smart:

  • A family emergency fund
  • Deposit into RRSP/TFSA
  • Home improvement

That’s not to say you couldn’t use the money for a new vehicle or a vacation – it’s your money and it’s your choice.

Do I need to pay anything up front?

Most of the time the answer is no, although around half the time you may need to order and pay for an appraisal which usually costs somewhere around $300-$500.

If there are any closing costs, such as legal fees, those can come from the proceeds of the loan with no out-of-pocket expense to you.


We’re here to help and ready when you are.